Stand with U.S. farmers, ranchers, retailers and distributors for

choice, competition and reliable access to fertilizers.

Raise your voice. Stand with U.S. farmers.

How you can help U.S. farmers.

Anyone who supports competition should be outraged by this attempt to place tariffs on phosphate fertilizer imports. American farmers deserve the opportunity to choose their fertilizer in order to stay competitive around the globe. It's important that Congress and government agencies understand the impact and hear directly from all who will be harmed by increased costs and reduced access to fertilizers.

Raise awareness of this important issue.

Stand with farmers by texting FARM to 73075. Consider sharing this information with your friends, family, colleagues, organizations — anyone who supports our farmers and the agriculture industry. Feel free to use the tools and resources found here to raise your voice and be heard.

Interested in helping? Here are three ideas.


Engage your friends, local growers, group members and others who support agriculture to stand with U.S. farmers and have their voices heard at


Write an op-ed or letter-to-the-editor for a local newspaper or industry magazine, or partner with agriculture groups and fellow growers to issue statements opposing the petition.  


Raise awareness of the danger American farmers are facing by sharing this information with others on social media.

Share your views on social media. Here are some suggestions.

If you support fair trade and market competition, text FARM to 73075 to preserve U.S. farmers’ access to vital fertilizers by opposing increased countervailing duties. Add your voice at
U.S. farmers are facing a threat that will increase costs and reduce access to specialized fertilizers. Learn how tariffs can hurt farmers at
Join farmers in rejecting duties on phosphate fertilizer. Tell Congress to oppose duties that would increase farmers’ costs. Sign the petition at
Protect access to phosphate fertilizers — tell Congress to Stand with U.S. Farmers and urge Dept. of Commerce to deny the petition to put duties on fertilizer imports.
Are you a farmer? Help stop increased tariffs on fertilizer imports that could reduce your choices, yields and ability to compete. Text FARM to 73075 to learn more.
Join those speaking out against countervailing duties on phosphate fertilizer. Tell Congress to oppose increased costs to farmers. Sign a petition to Congress at
American agriculture is facing a threat that will increase costs and access to specialized fertilizers. Learn how you can stop duties on fertilizers at