Facts About fertilizer

And the U.S. farming industry.

Raise your voice. Stand with U.S. farmers.

On June 26th, an American fertilizer company, The Mosaic Company, filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) that could eliminate key competitors providing fertilizer to American farmers. If Mosaic's petition is successful, it will add additional burdens to an already-struggling agriculture sector, increasing costs, diminishing supply and putting U.S. farmers at a disadvantage in international markets.


Phosphate fertilizer imports from Morocco have been hit with a
19.97% duty.
of U.S. phosphorus imports come from Russia and Morocco.2
Morocco, one of the oldest allies of the U.S., has an over
400-year reserve
of phosphate.
The U.S. only has a
decades-long supply
of phosphate, not enough supply to meet U.S. agricultural needs.1
of lands under plow use diammonium phosphate.5
Mosaic already controls
more than
of American phosphate fertilizer production.6

Meanwhile, farmers are already struggling. In the wake of COVID-19 and numerous trade wars, farmers can’t afford to pay more for such a vital business input. U.S. farm debt is rapidly rising, with a growing wave of bankruptcies as farmers fight to survive a six-year downturn.

Federal aid made up 36% of all farm income
in 2020. Yet net farm income is projected to decline again to $79.4 billion in 2021.7
Slowing exports to China continues to hurt demand for U.S. agriculture products. That is estimated to lead to a
$20 billion
decline in farm income in 2020.8
For the average farmer, fertilizer costs can represent
15% of cash input costs.9
Farmers costs for phosphate fertilizer have increased as much as
since the filing of Mosaic’s petition.

Please stand with U.S. farmers

Farmers need a steady and accessible supply chain in order to maintain output. Send a message to Congress to help ensure unnecessary duties don’t hurt American farmers.  

Act now
Multiple industry groups
oppose Mosaic’s petition.
8 Farm Belt senators
have expressed their concern about Mosaic’s petition.